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Hey there!

Have you wondered about becoming a licensed driver but didn’t know where to start?

Well we have designed this page to help you make your decision to gain your qualifications and obtain your license!

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Items you need to consider!

This is not a simple process and can take up to two months depending on course availability and funds you have available, the license cost is between £600-£700 depending on the cost of your medical.

Don’t fret we do have some funding options available!

Lets get you started!

  1. DBS (Enhanced Disclosure)

2. Booking your two day college course and driving test

The two day course is a formal qualification of competence, the driving test consists of ten questions and an hours drive around Bury St. Edmunds with a driving instructor.

3. Booking your medial

To arrange a medical you need to contact your local doctors surgery and arrange for a “Taxi D4 Medical”, you will need to print the document below for your doctor to fill in.

Alternatively if your doctor is unavailable please use the link below to make an appointment. With this you will also need to contact your doctors surgery for a “patient summary report” which you will need to take to your appointment


The remaining paperwork you need to complete

This section comprises on three parts:

Once the sections above are complete you will need to generate a drivers license check form, print the page opposite and generate the code using the button opposite.

Print/Fill out the DBS update service permission form.

Onto the council form which can be found opposite, print this form and complete.

Now you have completed all the steps required, time to email it over.

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