Do you need a car?

Have you got your own Vehicle?

Any vehicle would need to comply to Council guidance this would include:

  • Maximum age of 5 years (10 year max life unless hybrid or electric)
  • Taxi insurance
  • Two plate tests per year
  • Sign writing is not necessary as magnets can be provided.

Company Vehicle Needed?

All vehicles come ready to work with:

  • A full tank of fuel
  • sign written
  • All council compliance checks
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance provided.

Owner Driver Charges

The desk rent is a set fee of £112 per week for a full time workers this is anything over 30 hours per week.

Part time Drivers are charged 15% of the work undertaken which is anything under 30 hours per week.

Account money (any work either on account or pre-paid) still outstanding will be paid once a month.

Company driver charges

Desk rent for full time staff is on either £300 per week or 40% of work undertaken.

Those that are part time will be charged 40% of all work undertaken all account work is taken from your totals.

Money owed will be paid once a month and any outstanding amounts for courses or damage will be taken at an agreed amount.

During covid-19 owner drivers are charged 15% and company driver are charged 40%

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