100 Days Into Covid!

The worst of the pandemic is behind us they say, although leicester has been put back into lock down, PPE out of date and wasn’t safe, a rise in the number of cases in suffolk. We are part of the stand to “keep Suffolk safe” whether it be our Staff, Customers, Friends, Family or Neighbors,Continue reading “100 Days Into Covid!”

IVR Training Complete

After a two and a half hour long session of training to set up our IVR (Integrated voice recognition) phone system we are happy to announce that the launch date will be 11am on Wednesday 01/07/2020. There will be a lot of changes with the new system including: Being able to call your driver directContinue reading “IVR Training Complete”

Alex returns to Bury St. Edmunds

Today 27/06/2020 Alex has returned to our Bury St. Edmunds site after a long period of helping to staff our Haverhill site, were hoping people in the Bury area will respect the face coverings we have asked for to not only protect them but the driver as well. Alex was issued with an air purifier,Continue reading “Alex returns to Bury St. Edmunds”