You have no choice other than to be automated!

The retail environment is changing at a rapid pace to remain competitive. And retailers that leverage automation and digital self-service have found ways to be more resilient in the face of pandemic-related challenges. We have looked at how automation and digital self-service are helping organisations to save up to £2 million in operational costs by deflecting over 30%Continue reading “You have no choice other than to be automated!”

Will you get Paid for the Snow Days?

Drivers will receive full payment for the snow days Confirmation from the council! We wanted to update you on situation for claiming for snow days during the Covid lockdown in February. It has been confirmed that whilst our Terms and Conditions state that 50% of the daily rate will be paid to operators for snowContinue reading “Will you get Paid for the Snow Days?”

Preventing Potholes and Improving Road Infrastructure

The AA estimates that potholes cost drivers and insurers at least £1 million every month. Moreover, the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) says that £9.7 billion is needed over the next 10 years to fix the current state of the roads. Not only is there a backlog of pothole repairs needed but the number of potholesContinue reading “Preventing Potholes and Improving Road Infrastructure”

The ULEZ area expanded

On the 25/10/2020 the ULEZ area expanded even after controversial debate due to the houses and persons then affected in the areas and those travelling to the areas included in the new zones. There has also been further issues regarding vehicles and those that are and aren’t within the rules to be ULEZ compliant soContinue reading “The ULEZ area expanded”