The innovative way to book a journey!

Have you found that that the IVR (integrated voice recognition) or the APP still don’t have the capability of making your booking? It could be due to any number of reasons but overall it seems to be that you can’t make an extra stop (via), well here is the solution accessible on any tablet orContinue reading “The innovative way to book a journey!”

We’re running Automated!

Majority of Jobs across the world have been obsolete due to technology progressing more across the last 30 years. Robots and automation have made a major impact on business owners in reducing costs and speeding up production in some cases ten fold. We all love a bargain, there can’t be many people that don’t! WithinContinue reading “We’re running Automated!”

We’re still on the hunt!

We are looking to recruit drivers and passenger assistants, could this be a role your interested in? 39 weeks per year as a school driver or passenger assistant! Full and Part time driver positions available now with a chance of having your license subsidised! Subsidising is subject to an 18 month term of which aContinue reading “We’re still on the hunt!”