Airpay has landed!

Lets see how the trial run for this gets on as for each customer when the driver is on route you will be prompted to either pay by card or cash which saves time on each journey which in turn will see more customers are able to be transported within a smaller time frame.

Ready for the Weekend!

These are the old design of magnets that we had for about 20 years so we decided on an upgrade.

The Bury St. Edmunds number didn’t exist at this point but is for visual purposes.

These were the ones our designers came up with but it didn’t really look much different so we decided if you have a logo you best show it off as it should be!

So the new door signs are pictured right with the logo as it should be, together which is how we stand. United as one as were not just Pride were a family and we stand by each other.

IVR Training Complete

After a two and a half hour long session of training to set up our IVR (Integrated voice recognition) phone system we are happy to announce that the launch date will be 11am on Wednesday 01/07/2020. There will be a lot of changes with the new system including: Being able to call your driver direct without them accessing your phone number, land lines will receive call back with an automated message, four hour ring back to check whether you still require your booking, automated cancellations and so much more.

For all of those that are not technical you do have the option to opt out of the IVR (Integrated voice recognition) all together, this can be done by asking our control staff to make a note of your phone number and it shall be removed for you.

Please help us to make this service more efficient by commenting after using the service.

AAT Accounting

The company AAT Accounting Qualification is underway with myself undergoing the training firstly to then be able to approve others to enroll on the course and get people well underway to being qualified in some level of accountancy.

This may be a stepping stone for those that need the extra help to further themselves in a career of which all will be in the local area and have support available.

Alex returns to Bury St. Edmunds

Today 27/06/2020 Alex has returned to our Bury St. Edmunds site after a long period of helping to staff our Haverhill site, were hoping people in the Bury area will respect the face coverings we have asked for to not only protect them but the driver as well.

Alex was issued with an air purifier, washable face masks and hand sanitizer and asks that no persons attempt to sit in the front seats meaning his vehicles capacity is limited to six persons at any one time.

Staff start to return

During the first four weeks of solid lock down we went to skeleton staff to retain as many jobs as possible so we would like to say thank you to our control staff which are Lisa, Paulette and Bridie who have stayed through the hardships. Our drivers we would like to thank are Collin, Steve and Clifford who along with management stayed and pulled together to cover as much as they could. Our accounts manager Levi has been working endlessly to cover as many areas as possible with all the HMRC applications and furlough documents needed to keep us going of which we are all most appreciative of. There is also a large amount of thanks to show to our mechanics Keith and Brian of which have spent twelve weeks performing a major overhaul on all company vehicles to give them full services and any small indications of issues have been resolved making our return to business as usual a smoother transaction.

Coming out the other side we would like to welcome back Steve B, Kyle, Richard, Tim, Robin, Angela, Linda, Oshesh, Thomas and John.

New members that have joined the team include Jose and Francesca of which we are glad to welcome and hopeful that the other members awaiting to join the team will be with us soon when business starts to return to normal.

In all we are grateful for all your efforts and hope you keep up the good work guys as you are a valued member in society no matter the job you do.