Deliveroo got kicked to the Curb!

Content…. The incite as to why one of the biggest insurance companies said No to Deliveroo due to the situation around workers rights. Aviva Won’t Buy into Deliveroo IPO • A most important financial investor said it “will not invest in Deliveroo’s stock market flotation because of concerns over workers’ rights”. • CIO of Aviva saidContinue reading “Deliveroo got kicked to the Curb!”

You have no choice other than to be automated!

The retail environment is changing at a rapid pace to remain competitive. And retailers that leverage automation and digital self-service have found ways to be more resilient in the face of pandemic-related challenges. We have looked at how automation and digital self-service are helping organisations to save up to £2 million in operational costs by deflecting over 30%Continue reading “You have no choice other than to be automated!”

Why not use autonomous cars?

Our council has a very distinct view on the use of driverless cars and that has been stated as an indefinite no, yet in other major cities in other parts of the globe they are reaping the benefits of these ideas. DiDi Goes Bigger into Autonomous Driving• On 18 March Didi announced a strategic partnership betweenContinue reading “Why not use autonomous cars?”

Preventing Potholes and Improving Road Infrastructure

The AA estimates that potholes cost drivers and insurers at least £1 million every month. Moreover, the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) says that £9.7 billion is needed over the next 10 years to fix the current state of the roads. Not only is there a backlog of pothole repairs needed but the number of potholesContinue reading “Preventing Potholes and Improving Road Infrastructure”

The innovative way to book a journey!

Have you found that that the IVR (integrated voice recognition) or the APP still don’t have the capability of making your booking? It could be due to any number of reasons but overall it seems to be that you can’t make an extra stop (via), well here is the solution accessible on any tablet orContinue reading “The innovative way to book a journey!”

We’re running Automated!

Majority of Jobs across the world have been obsolete due to technology progressing more across the last 30 years. Robots and automation have made a major impact on business owners in reducing costs and speeding up production in some cases ten fold. We all love a bargain, there can’t be many people that don’t! WithinContinue reading “We’re running Automated!”