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How easy is it to book?

Book a taxi in under 10 seconds and experience exclusive priority service from Pride Cars.

You can place the booking directly on our map, and see how many available cars there are.
No standing in the rain.

Track your car as it arrives on a map, or call the driver when they are nearby. No more guessing where your cab might be.

When can you book?

Place bookings hours, days or weeks in advance. Whenever it’s convenient for you or if necessary, cancel your booking at any time.

It takes seconds to place a new booking directly from the handy favourites list.

Having integrated SMS booking, we’ve now launched this intelligent Android App so you can book a taxi within 3 screen taps.

Pride Cars is FREE to download and it costs you nothing to register.

The software we use

Our intelligent software will suggest your favourite Pick Up locations so you’re ready to book your a car.

When you’ve made a bookings you’ll be notified by Push Notification as your car is dispatched.

We’ll also inform you when your car is 2 minutes away, giving you additional details such as registration number, make, model and vehicle colour.

Why leave feedback?

We value feedback and take all reviews very seriously. So please leave us feedback about your journey using the App. This helps us continually improve our service.

When downloading the app

(the link can be found on our contact us page)

1) You need to register on the APP this does include your card details for payment to be made

2) This is designed for an A to B booking with no vias

3) Location services are not always accurate but if you bring up the map you can pinpoint where you are on this

4) This will only make a booking for up to THREE persons (during covid-19)

5) Any notes are able to be added to the job when making a booking

6) You have the ability to message into our office should you have problems with the booking you have made and they are able to respond

7) Should you amend the time of your booking you will not receive a confirmation text of this

8) Please make us aware in the notes section of any animals that will be travelling with you

9) Please also specify if you specifically need a car as we also have bigger vehicles out during most times of the day

Once you are happy you understand the above information then lets proceed with making your booking.

The Newest Features Available!

Business Accounts

Companies can now have there accounts set up on the app to book transport for their clients and customers alike.

Delivery Options

Each option here has a sub section which enables you to enter meal names, order numbers and many other details associated with deliveries.

For your saved addresses it can save a multiple amount of addresses whether they be work, home or even your grandmothers house.

Don’t forget to put the house number!

Saved Addresses

The pre-existing features

The home page

This will show any addresses you have previously been collected from and will give the option to make a new booking from any of those addresses by tapping on them or selecting new address.

New booking

Location services are available (please note these are not always accurate) but you are able to drag the pin point to where you are which shows you the address but you can also search for the address in the top search bar or if its a new build write it in the comments for your driver to see.

Destination address

Once you are happy with the collection address then click the ‘BOOK’ button this will now ask you to input your destination address or choose a previous address already stored.

Time & date

This will now show the time and date page for those wishing to pre-book (if the time you want isn’t present it means there are no vehicles available).

You may also amend the vehicle you need and add notes to your driver by clicking the little blue buttons.

My Bookings

This section will show any booking you have whether they be immediate or in the future

Track My Car

This will show the driver that is to collect you and you are able to zoom in to see them in real time to your front door


This will show any payments made through the APP which you are able to email out (generally for work purposes)

Message History

This section is where any communication from yourself and the office is stored for further reference should any issues arise

Business accounts will need to request there unique numbers to access there accounts

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