APP Instructions for Pre 2020 Version


Your profile page explained

The home page

This will show any addresses you have previously been collected from and will give the option to make a new booking from any of those addresses by tapping on them or selecting new address.

New booking

Location services are available (please note these are not always accurate) but you are able to drag the pin point to where you are which shows you the address but you can also search for the address in the top search bar or if its a new build write it in the comments for your driver to see.

Destination address

Once you are happy with the collection address then click the ‘BOOK’ button this will now ask you to input your destination address or choose a previous address already stored.

Time & date

This will now show the time and date page for those wishing to pre-book (if the time you want isn’t present it means there are no vehicles available).

You may also amend the vehicle you need and add notes to your driver by clicking the little blue buttons.


My Bookings

This section will show any booking you have whether they be immediate or in the future

Track My Car

This will show the driver that is to collect you and you are able to zoom in to see them in real time to your front door


This will show any payments made through the APP which you are able to email out (generally for work purposes)

Message History

This section is where any communication from yourself and the office is stored for further reference should any issues arise


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