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When downloading the app

(the link can be found on our contact us page)

1) You need to register on the APP this does include your card details for payment to be made

2) This is designed for an A to B booking with no vias

3) Location services are not always accurate but if you bring up the map you can pinpoint where you are on this

4) This will only make a booking for up to four persons

5) Any notes are able to be added to the job when making a booking

6) You have the ability to message into our office should you have problems with the booking you have made and they are able to respond

7) Should you amend the time of your booking you will not receive a confirmation text of this

8) Please make us aware in the notes section of any animals that will be travelling with you

9) Please also specify if you specifically need a car as we also have bigger vehicles out during most times of the day

Once you are happy you understand the above information then lets proceed with making your booking.

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