The council meeting is today 4pm

For all those who have joined the teams meeting later with the council lets hope its good news, for all those that have sent a question in to the council to ask on your behalf lets hope it has a full response. Unfortunately i shall be the only person to speak live today as i was the only person to have responded to which is such a shame as there are so many out there that should have there voices heard to maintain the points they wish to express.

The meeting agenda was postponed

Further to being the ONLY person to participate in asking questions regarding the taxi industry across the west suffolk area they did agree with the question i put forward which was:

Regarding hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Would the cabinet be willing to allow vehicles being any age at the time of first plate due to these vehicles being up to three times the cost to purchase as a conventional diesel or petrol vehicle.

Cabinets response

There is some allowance on this as the ruling is that a section 75 is able to be any age and that a hybrid or electric vehicle may be plated up to any age and not the 10 year ruling being implemented so we agree that this possible.

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